Save the Date: Go Public!

11. February 2023 — 16. February 2023

In a new edition of Go Public!, young media art projects can once again be seen in the urban space of Karlsruhe.


28. October 2022

The literary-performative art project by Nils Menrad, Ann Cotten and Andreas Kohlbecker will be presented as a preview at the Ursula Blickle Lab.

Rainer Kehres. Globenbogen

29. September 2022 — 15. January 2023

An arch of illuminated globes over the Via Triumphalis as a gateway and bridge to the world.

The Sound is the Message

23. September 2022 — 02. October 2022

The sound installation by Hendrik Vogel will be presented during the art weekend Karlsruhe at the Luis Leu art space.

Color The World

01. September 2022 — 28. October 2022

Participatory light installation transforms the Karlstraße with a fascinating play of colours.

Media art is here,Vol.2

01. September 2022 — 07. November 2022

Only here: Media and light art to discover in the city, free of charge and accessible to all.

Media Art is here

18. August 2022 — 18. September 2022

Karlsruhe as UNESCO City of Media Arts presents six media artworks in the city center at the plenary assembly of the World Council of Churches in Karlsruhe.

A Place in the Woods

06. August 2022 — 31. October 2022

An exhibition and event platform online and in the Hardtwald, Karlsruhe.

Time is now

24. June 2022 — 15. July 2022

In the exhibition Time is now the artists Nygel Panasco and Célin Jiang show their work at the intersection of performance, digital media arts and transcultural aesthetics.

Media arts goes public

02. June 2022 — 30. June 2022

Presentation of media art within the Reallabor Passagehof.


21. May 2022

Festival with Live-Coding and audiovisual performances.

Ballet of the City

28. April 2022 — 26. May 2022

Dance projections in urban space.


22. April 2022 — 29. May 2022

Under the title Seriosität – INFO, the third part of the sequential work can be seen from 22 April 2022 in the shop window Karlsruhe (Schaufenster Karlsruhe).

UNESCO City of Media Arts: Time for new projects!

19. March 2022 — 15. July 2022

With spring we start a new season of showing current media art in Karlsruhe.

Trinity Twins

19. March 2022 — 22. May 2022

Trinity Twins, Michael Saup’s interactive art work for the PhonoLuxMachine, explores the cultural quality of radioactivity.

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Himmel über Karlsruhe, 2022

Color The World, 2020-22

Butterfly Plan, 2022

A Place in the Woods, 2022


The Temptation of St. Anthony (or Tony‘s trouble), 2016

Handshake, 2020

One Line Series, 2022

Globenbogen, 2022

STREAMERS – a COVID Sculpture, 2022

Ballet of the City, 2022

Trinity Twins, 2022

Seriosität, 2021