paper trees, 2023

Lopez, Eva-Maria
"paper trees", 2023 von Eva-Maria Lopez

paper trees shows the relationship between nature and paper. The tree – an important element in biodiversity – is placed in relation to paper consumption. With the augmented reality app ART+, a small forest of lime trees (Tillia cordata) is created on the Marktplatz in Karlsruhe. The paper piles next to the tree trunks show the relationship of the tree as a raw material producer. In the global climate change the consumption of wood for a daily product like paper plays an important role. paper trees visualizes the connection between local consumption and global climate, and connects humans with nature in a new way.

Funded in 2022 as part of the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe project funding program for media arts.

The application paper trees is in cooperation with ASTE Maija Demitere; Latvia, technical realization Patrick Borgeat, 3D art: Liga Velina. App: ART+

People interested in the installation can find a browser version of the artwork here.

Part of the exhibition Media Art is Here (2023)

Runtime: 16.08.2023 – 23.09.2023

Location: Marktplatz Karlsruhe



76133 Karlsruhe