In the field of media art, there are two different possibilities for project funding by the Karlsruhe Department of Cultural Affairs. One is the funding program for media art of the UNESCO City of Media Arts (UCCoMA) office, which is announced once a yeat and has a total volume of € 100,000. The projects to be funded are selected by an expert jury consisting of representatives of the Department of Cultural Affairs and cultural institutions in Karlsruhe.

There is also the possibility of general project funding for smaller media art projects, which can be applied for without a time limit via the Department of Cultural Affairs. The projects are selected by the staff of the UCCoMA office.

Funding program for media art and international network projects

Municipal cultural funding is a versatile and important instrument for implementing the cultural policy of a Department of Cultural Affairs. Within the framework UNESCO’s project funding program, the city of Karlsruhe supports media art projects with a focus on sustainability once a year. Artists, cultural workers, institutions and organizers are invited to apply for these grants at the Department of Cultural Affairs once a year. The principles governing such funding are laid down in the current funding guidelines. Applications for funding must be submitted in written form tho the Department of Cultural Affairs. Evidence of how the funding was used is required.

What was funded?

Funding is available both for local public media art projects taking place in Karlsruhe and projects that serve to strenghten international networking, exchange and cooperation within the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) in the field of media art and open source initiatives. The aim is to facilitate artistic projects that use media art to take an independent look at topical cultural, artistic and social issues of the present day that will enrich the extensive spectrum of media art in Karlsruhe.

The application phase for the PFP 2024 has not yet started, information on this is expected to follow in May 2024.

Jury decision project funding program 2023 for media art
Jury decision project funding program 2022 for media art
Jury decision project funding program 2021 for media art
Jury decision project funding program 2020 for media art

General project funding from the Karlsruhe Department of Cultural Affairs

In addition to the project funding program, which is awarded once a year, there is also the possibility of general project funding. This funding is provided without a specified application period and can be applied for via the online application “project funding” on the homepage of the City of Karlsruhe. In addition to financial support, the funding includes advice for applicants, networking with other cultural professionals, provision and procurement of infrastructure, advice on acquiring third-party funding and additional public relations work.

What is funded?

General project funding includes the promotion of media art works, events and research projects related to media art, including interdisciplinary projects involving other artistic and cultural disciplines (such as music, theater, dance, visual arts, literature, film, architecture, socioculture, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, children’s and youth culture). funding is provided in particular for smaller, interdisciplinary productions.

A project can be financially supported upon application within the scope of the material and local responsibility of the City of Karlsruhe and within the scope of the availlable budget funds if it is a professional, publicly accessible, time-limited cultural or artistic event or production that takes place in Karlsruhe and in the realisation of which there is a public interest.

The forms and further information on project funding from the Department of Cultural Affairs can be found here.

Who Can Submit?
For both funding programmes, project funding is generally aimed at artists, cultural and media professionals, initiatives and institutions in Karlsruhe. Applications are open to both individuals and groups of persons – including Karlsruhe students of suitable disciplines – as well as artistic, cultural, scientific and creative business institutions in Karlsruhe. Excluded from the competition are works that are produced in the course of school or university education (e.g. term papers or theses), as well as projects that have already been realized.

In the case of group applications, at least one participating person or institution must have their first residence or registered office in the city of Karlsruhe.

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