City of Media Arts

Media Art is universal – it stands for social and technological innovation, for creativity, connectivity, interdisciplinarity, and brings art and science together in manifols ways.

What is Media Art?

What is Media Art to us? A definition.


Karlsruhe sees itself as a sustainably developing “Digitally Connected City of Medis Arts” on a local and global level.


Since its foundation in 1715, the city of Karlsruhe has been at the forefront of innovation in various fields, such as urban planning, technological research, IT and Media Art.


A considerable number of artists live and work in Karlsruhe whose media art productions feature in festivals, exhibitions, and projects. The following overview includes an alphabetical list of artists who are involved in exhibitions, projects, and international collaborations within the framework of the UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts Karlsruhe.


The Funding Program for Media Arts and International Network Projects Supports the Cultural and the Creative Scene.

Seasons of Media Arts

Since 2019, the Seasons of Media Arts festival presents digital, interactive, and virtual art in public spaces, transforming the city of Karlsruhe into a stage for innovative, collaborative, and networked media art which is open to all.


The Schlosslichtspiele were founded as part of the Globale Digitale to celebrate the 300th birthday of the city of Karlsruhe in 2015. On the strength of the positive feedback, Karlsruhe City Council decided to continue the format under the artistic direction of ZKM Karlsruhe in cooperation with KME Karlsruhe Marketing and Event GmbH.    

ZKM | Center for Art and Media

The ZKM I Center for Art and Media is a cultural institution that is unique in the world. With its art collection, publications, archives, and artistic, scholarly and scientific research on the electronic arts, the ZKM stands for a program of interdisciplinary projects and international collaborations.


Wo ist Medienkunst? Eine Fülle an Institutionen im Bereich der Medienkunst, Bürgerinitiativen und Organisationen im Bereich der digitalen Kulturen sowie eine vielseitige Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft prägen das städtische Gefüge der Stadt.

Open Data und Open Commons

Karlsruhe ist zunehmend bestrebt, mehr Transparenz und direkte Möglichkeiten der Bürger*innenbeteiligung in der Stadt zu etablieren, und noch offener und technologisch fortschrittlicher zu werden.


Zahlreiche namhafte Persönlichkeiten und Expert*innen berichten über Karlsruhes anhaltendes Engagement für die Medienkunst.