The Silent Chaos of Colors, 2020-2021

Förterer, Holger
Judkins, Eva
© Holger Förterer und Eva Judkins, The Silent Chaos of Colors, gefördert im Rahmen des Projektförderprogramms für Medienkunst 2020, Foto: Elias Siebert

The Silent Chaos of Colors is an interactive video projection whose effect is an orgy of colors. Instead of physical colored pigments as are thrown into the air in India during the festival of Holi, digital color particles are swirled up in the work as soon as people walk past the projection screen. The silhouettes of people can be seen standing in front of it. The work seems to encourage the viewer to take part interactively with their body and form the color effects in the projection either alone or with others.

Supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2020 project support program for media art.

Shown at Seasons of Media Arts – Connected Future (2021).

Time: 17.09.2021 – 10.10.2021

Location: Werderplatz

Seasons of Media Arts 2021 – Connected Future

17. September 2021 — 17. October 2021