Butterfly Plan, 2022

Bi, Fangchao
Fangchao Bi, Butterfly Plan, 2022, Interaktive Installation © Fangchao Bi

Butterflies are considered an important indicator of the ecological state of our environment. Already in 2007, the United Nations announced in a report that 75 butterfly species go extinct every day worldwide, three per hour. The interactive installation Butterfly Plan by Fangchao Bi addresses the worldwide phenomenon of species going extinct with the example of the massive decline in butterfly species over the past 50 years. For his work, Bi chose a butterfly species native to Germany and the Austrian border, the swallowtail butterfly, and he uses somatosensory technology to visualize in an intuitive manner humanity’s impact on nature.

Butterfly Plan was funded within the project support program for media art of the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2021.