14. October 2023 — 29. October 2023

"Shelter" (2023) von Holger Förterer

With the interactive installation Shelter, which can be seen from October 14 to 29, Holger Förterer creates an apparent “resting point on the way away from a former home, on the run from people or or a threatening situation.”

In today’s world, the topic of flight is omnipresent, be it the global refugee movements caused by wars, climate flight or religiously motivated expulsions. As different as the reasons are, the refugees usually have one thing in common: they had to leave their seemingly safe homes in search of protection. However, the traumatic experience and the feeling of being uprooted remain with many refugees in their new and supposedly safe environment.

In his latest installation, Holger Förterer creates precisely this supposed Shelter, where apparent security meets an uncertain, almost eerie atmosphere. Shelter is a room in the middle of which there is a mirror ball that reflects trees and bushes onto the walls and ceiling of the room by projection. The moving woods are reminiscent of a hiding place familiar from childhood days, whose apparent protection is contradicted by the soundscape. “Sounds of the surroundings, voices and wind blowing through the trees create a situation that is in limbo, where you can’t be sure if everything is alright,” writes Holger Förterer. This state of limbo is also reflected in the exhibition venue, the space of an old building that is currently being renovated.

Interested people can get a first impression of Shelter here.

In addition to videos of current and past artworks, the artist also documents the technically very elaborate creation phases on his homepage. Förterer’s art surprises again and again with the sophisticated technical methods he uses to realise his impressive works, as most recently in The Silent Chaos of Colors, which was created in collaboration with Eva Judkins. In his blog, you can also find more in-depth information on past, current and future artworks, as well as his thoughts on topics such as artificial intelligence.

Exhibition & location

The result of this elaborate work of development can be admired in the form of his latest work of art, Shelter, from October 14 to 29 at Adlerstraße 32, 76133 Karlsruhe, daily from 12 to 8 p.m.

Only suitable from the age of 16. Pre-registration is required for a visit with a younger person. Not suitable for under 8 years.

TW: Due to the subject matter, Shelter can have a traumatising effect on people who have experienced violence or flight.

Further information here.


Förterer, Holger


Shelter, 2023
6. July 2023