Media art is here,Vol.2

01. September 2022 — 07. November 2022

© Rainer Kehres

After a summer of impressive media and light art at numerous locations in the city, a series of current artworks by local artists and collectives are on display in both urban and digital space until the beginning of November 2022. Free of charge and accessible to all.

The participating artists and projects are:

Rainer Kehres, Globenbogen – EXTENDED UNTIL 15 JANUARY 2023
From 29 September, the artwork Globenbogen by the Karlsruhe artist Rainer Kehres will be presented in the Karl-Friedrich-Straße. The Globenbogen is a work of light art in the form of a parabola consisting of illuminated globes as a gateway and bridge to the world. The work is part of the Silk Road series, which has been shown several times both internationally and in Karlsruhe, most recently on the façade of Karlsruhe City Hall on the occasion of the city’s designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts in 2019. Production management: Jürgen Hankeln, Lighting: Stefan Woinke I Time: 29 September – 15 January 2023 I Location: Karl-Friedrich-Straße/corner of Kaiserstraße

Nikolai Stefansky, Pascal Wagner und Lars Wolf, Color The World
Color The World is an interactive art project designed for public spaces. LED tubes are mounted at different distances and heights on ten vertical stelae distributed along the Karlstraße. Viewers can influence the illuminations via a browser-based app. A specially developed algorithm transforms the users’ color preferences into constantly new color compositions, influencing not only the color design but also the dynamics of the transformation. Time: 1 September – 28 October, daily from 3 – 10 pm I Location: northern Karlstraße

Benoît Maubrey, STREAMERS – a COVID Sculpture
Until 3 October, citizens of Karlsruhe can interact with the media installation STREAMERS – a COVID Sculpture by Benoît Maubrey. The sound sculpture, built with recycled loudspeakers, music chests, old tube radios, computer keyboards and circuit boards, can be accessed and activated via a live video stream, by a phone call or Twitter message from anywhere in the world. People directly at the square can play the artwork via Bluetooth or by plug’n play. Curated by ZKM I Karlsruhe. Time: 18 September – 3 October I Location: Friedrichsplatz

Jonathan Blaschke, Bruno Jacoby, Johanna Schäfer, Isabel Motz, Jonas Grünwald und Florian Knöbl, A Place in the Woods
A Place in the Woods is a dual exhibition space for media-artistic stagings on the Internet and in the Hardtwald. A billboard was constructed at a publicly accessible but not exposed location in the forest, where changing digital and analogue artworks, performances and events are presented or organised. The project takes place simultaneously online on, a website that shows the events on site via wild camera. Time: 6 August – 31 October I Location: Hardtwald and online

Hendrik Vogel, The Sound is the Message
Hendrick Vogel‘s sound installation The Sound is the Message addresses the question of materializing the self as a response to the immaterializing of the digital. In an immersive multi-channel rush through the evolution of sound signals – from the ancient flute to the mobile phone – the multitude of communication through sound is made tangible. Time: 23 September – 2 October I Location: Kunstraum Luis Leu

Fangchao Bi, Butterfly Plan
Butterflies are considered an important indicator of the ecological state of our environment. Already in 2007, the United Nations announced in a report that 75 butterfly species go extinct every day worldwide, three per hour. The interactive installation Butterfly Plan by Fangchao Bi addresses the worldwide phenomenon of species going extinct with the example of the massive decline in butterfly species over the past 50 years. Time: 26 – 29. September I Location: HfG Karlsruhe (Lichthof 3, ground floor)

Media art projects can be experienced during the upcoming months not only in Karlsruhe’s urban public spaces — an artwork has also been created for the digital realm within the UNESCO City of Media Arts framework:

Michail Rybakov, Himmel über Karlsruhe
What remains today as a connecting element? The place, the light that surrounds us in the place, the great common sky above us. Himmel über Karlsruhe aims to capture, present and archive this light in the form of a web-based work. In this way, any person who has a connection to Karlsruhe, no matter where they are, can visit the website and see the sky over Karlsruhe. Time: from 31 August I Location: online at

Media art is here I Medienkunst ist hier: Since 2019, the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe has been presenting digital, interactive and virtual art in Karlsruhe’s public urban space. In addition to projects by locally funded artists, collectives and initiatives, light and media art works by internationally renowned artists have been shown on streets and squares, on facades, in parks, public institutions and shop windows.


Globenbogen, 2022
27. July 2022

Color The World, 2020-22
15. September 2022

STREAMERS – a COVID Sculpture, 2022
26. July 2022

A Place in the Woods, 2022
14. September 2022

8. September 2022

Butterfly Plan, 2022
15. September 2022

Himmel über Karlsruhe, 2022
5. October 2022