Color The World, 2020-22

Wagner | Wolf | Stefansky
Color the World, Foto: Felix Grünschloss, 2022

Color The World is an interactive art project designed for public spaces. LED tubes will be mounted at different distances and heights on ten vertical stelae distributed along the northern Karlstraße.

Viewers can influence the illuminations in urban space via a browser-based app. A specially developed algorithm transforms the users’ color preferences into constantly new color compositions, influencing not only the color design but also the dynamics of the transformation.

By using the latest and most advanced LED technology, Color The World consumes little energy. The LED tubes are 90% connected to the street lighting, which uses only green electricity.

As part of the Reallabor “Space for More”.

Time: 01.09.2022 – 28.10.2022

Location: northern Karlstraße