Wagner | Wolf | Stefansky

Even though the cross-generational artist collective “Wagner | Wolf | Stefansky” was officially launched in 2018, the three light and media artists Nikolai Stefansky, Lars Wolf and Pascal Wagner have been working on the subject of light, art and design for a long time.

Based in the southern region of Germany, they already worked closely with the Karlsruhe artist duo Sabine Schäfer and Joachim Krebs in the 1990s, and shortly after the turn of the millennium one of the first dynamic light installations was realised on the façade of the “Yellow Pages”.

This was followed by projects with James Turell in Basel and Paris, walk-in LED spaces in Berlin, LED art in Tokyo and light art objects in Munich (BMW Museum), Dubai and Samarkand (Uzbekistan). The first interactive project by the three light and media artists was installed in Bad Herrenalb for a period of 2 months at the end of 2021. In addition to installations, the trio is also involved in the design of shows and events in which light and music merge to create a new, audiovisual dimension.


Color The World, 2020-22
15. September 2022