One Line Series, 2022

Bukina, Alina
© Alina Bukina, Skizze zu One Line Series, 2022

Ukrainian graphic designer and artist Alina Bukina continues her One Line series at the Intro Café on Kronenplatz. The continual element of the line runs through the café’s wall design, highlighting the importance of human connections and the horizontal structure of society in these difficult times. Right now, democratic values are more important than ever. This is what people are fighting for in her home country, Ukraine. With her wall drawing, she wants to rethink the café as a meeting place as well as its interior architecture with its twists and curves.

Shown at Media Art is here (2022) on the occasion of the plenary assembly of the World Council of Churches in Karlsruhe.

Time: From 18.08.2022
Location: Intro Café on Kronenplatz