21. May 2022

Algorave © jubez

For several years now, the Algorave label has been used to organize parties and events around the world that focus on algorithmically generated music. However, this is not necessarily about algorithms that seem to produce music on their own, but about artists who, through the development of software, arrive at new approaches to electronic music. The Algorave is dedicated to the tension between music and its visualization.

Live coding is very often used at Algoraves, in which the program that generates the music is improvisationally changed on stage or even written in the first place. Through the projection of the screens, this process is made visible to the audience.

Although the scene originated at the universities and conferences of the computer music community, it is precisely here that it wants to get out and leave headiness and theory behind for once, in order to experience the music with other senses as well. So Algoraves are not only something for computer culture enthusiasts and fans of experimental electronic music, but above all a feast for the eye, the ear and (maybe) the dancing leg.

Lukijanova – Max Viper Pedal Words
Okbaj – Bompy Funk
dkyuh – wonky doo-doo
Michele Samarotto
Luiiuuuiiiii – Sinecore/bNb
Elmo – Biep House
Atrique Orgeat – Bio Patterns

At the beginning of this year’s Algorave, the young participants of the workshop format “Rave in the Rave” will also be heard. Spontaneous changes in the lineup are possible.

Start: 6.30 pm / Admission: 6 pm

Price: 10,00 € (Presale 8,00 €)

Location: big hall, entrance café

For more information and tickets, visit!/event/algorave-4/.

Supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2020 project support program for media art.


Cultural Center Jubez

Kronenplatz 1
76133 Karlsruhe