Rainer Kehres. Globenbogen

29. September 2022 — 15. January 2023

Rainer Kehres, Globenbogen, 2022, Foto: Felix Grünschloss

The Globenbogen is a work of light art by the Karlsruhe artist Rainer Kehres in the form of a parabola consisting of illuminated globes as a gateway and bridge to the world. The artwork was installed on September 29 as part of a series of works by local artists and collectives in urban space under the heading “Media Art is here”. Thanks to its installation on the corner of Karl-Friedrich-Strasse and Kaiserstrasse, it artistically spans the path between the marketplace and the castle, making it visible from afar.

Due to the positive response, the installation period has been extended: the Globenbogen can be experienced daily until mid January 2023!

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Kehres, Rainer


Globenbogen, 2022
27. July 2022

Rainer Kehres, Fokus, 2021, Kinetisches Lichtobjekt, © Rainer

Fokus, 2021
5. January 2022

Kaskade, 2019
29. March 2022