Therme Vierordtbad

With the project SOUNDS OF LIFE by the Karlsruhe composer & multi-instrumentalist Kris Felix Bauer, there is an fascinating and unique series of events going to enrich Karlsruhes cultural scene in the coming years at the Vierordtbad.

The soundtrack of the composer Kris Felix Bauer builds the fundament of this unique piece of art. Matching the symphony, visuals are projected into the dome of the “Rotunde Vierordtbad”. A 360° audio-visual arrangement surrounds the audience, laying on sun lounges that are placed in a circle. So the audience can lay back and let themselves fall into a relaxed world and slow down.

During the week, 20 minutes teasers well be shown as a static installation of animation and sound. The full experience of SOUNDS OF LIFE is going to be the life concerts, which form the heart of the project.


Ettlinger Str. 4
76137 Karlsruhe

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