Open Call: Art & Science Residency

29. Juni 2022

In Košice, as the Creative City of Media Arts, an open call for artists and scientists from any of the UNESCO Creative City was released to take part in a two-month-long art & science residency in Košice, which is planned to start in mid-October. The residency refers to the theme of Behavioural Change, which further explores the ways that technology brings and/or could bring a change in human behaviour, how it affects the very notion of our understanding of behavioural norms, expectations, and actions in both physical and digital worlds of our everyday existence. As the topic can be interpreted broadly, and as the media art itself overlaps with different media, including music, we would like to ask you whether you would have the possibility to spread the word among the art & science community in your creative city and share the call on your (social) media.

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