City to City: Human Responsibility


Along with eight other Cities of Media Arts in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network — Austin (United States), Braga (Portugal), Calí (Columbia), Changsha (China), Guadalajara (Mexico), Košice (Slovakia), Sapporo (Japan), Viborg (Denmark), and York (United Kingdom) — Karlsruhe’s Department of Cultural Affairs invited media artists in their city to submit proposals for projects. Media artists from all over the world responded to the Call on the theme Human Responsibility. Artists were invited to reflect and create digital pieces highlighting the impact of human activity on the planet, the importance of arts and empathy for a more responsible use of technology, as well as how technology can support in finding solutions to global challenges.

From Karlsruhe artists Sarah Degenhardt and Gerardo Nolasco-Rózsás were chosen. Sarah Degenhardt developed an artistic work in collaboration with Portuguese artist João Carlos Pinto from Braga. The multidisciplinary artist Gerardo Nolasco-Rózsás collaborated with the Mexican artist Paris Díaz from Guadalajara.


LIMBO, 2020-2021
5. January 2022

Cartography of the Stain: New Fossils, 2020-2021
5. January 2022


Austin (USA)

Braga (Portugal)

Cali (Colombia)

Changsha (China)

Guadalajara (Mexico)

Košice (Slovakia)

Sapporo (Japan)

Viborg (Denmark)

York (UK)