Cartography of the Stain: New Fossils, 2020-2021

Díaz, Paris
Nolasco-Rózsás, Gerardo
Gerardo Nolasco-Rózsás und Paris Díaz, Cartography of the Stain: New Fossils, 2020-2021, Augmented-Reality-Installation, Foto: Elias Siebert

The installation New Fossils, a spin-off from the project Cartography of the Stain combines analogue and digital elements. The cities Guadalajara in Mexico and Karlsruhe in Germany are contrasted in this work to bring out their differences and similarities. This includes thematizing macroperspectives on the cities and microissues of everyday life. Further, this work motivates its viewers to think about the ecological footprint humans leave behind on the Earth.

Cartography of the Stain: New Fossils refers to the term “Anthropocene,” which denotes the current geologic age in which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and environment. It has become popular and is proposed as the name for a new geologic epoch in 2000.

Supported by the City to City initiative of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Media Arts Cluster. A project of the UNESCO City of Media Arts cities Karlsruhe and Guadalajara.

Shown at Seasons of Media Arts – Connected Future (2021).

Time: 17.09.2021 – 17.10.2021
Location: Friedrichsplatz, in front of the Natural History Museum

Seasons of Media Arts 2021 – Connected Future

17. September 2021 — 17. October 2021