Sarah Degenhardt

Sarah Degenhardt (* 1992) studied fine arts at the AdBK Karlsruhe with Prof. Silvia Bächli and Prof. Leni Hoffmann, as well as in La Réunion (FR) and Paris (FR). In her works she deals with experiences of landscape, nature, architecture and what influence they have on people and their habitus. In the course of the working process, she abstracts them into dense, reduced images that find their translation in audiovisual multi-channel installations, works on paper and sculptures. Space, spatiality where reference points seem to tilt, are the elements and moments that continually interest her.

She has been represented internationally in exhibitions in Germany, France, Iceland, Portugal, and Japan, and has received several scholarships and prizes, such as the Graduate Scholarship of the State of Baden-Württemberg (2020), the Sponsorship Award of the Archdiocese of Rottenburg (2022), and the Scholarship of the Federal Cultural Foundation at the German Study Center in Venice (2022), among others.


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5. January 2022

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