Sarah Degenhardt

Sarah Degenhardt, born 1992 in Memmingen, Germany, grew up in a remote area in the foothills of the Alps. She studied Fine Arts in Karlsruhe (DE), La Réunion (FRA) and Paris (FRA). Experiences of landscape, nature and their influence on humans and their habitus are the breeding ground and initial moment of her works. In the course of the working process she transforms them into densely reduced images which find their translation in audiovisual multi-channel installations, paper works and sculptures. Spatial mannerisms, points of reference and where everything tilts are the elements and moments that interest her continuously, luring the visitors into a fold of space-time, where everything is being tipped over to be rearranged anew. She was represented in exhibitions internationally, among them Germany, France and Iceland.


LIMBO, 2020-2021
5. January 2022

5. January 2022