Liu, Jia
Duke, Sarai Rose
Degenhardt, Sarah
Sarai Rose Duke, Sarah Degenhardt und Jia Liu, KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER, 2021, Interaktive Klanginstallation, Foto: Elias Siebert

Two shop windows at the Waldstrasse are fitted with loudspeakers and microphones with built-in acoustic modifications, which play back the sounds from the other location. Thus, the interactive sound installation KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER creates defamiliarized acoustic access to the other soundscape. Artistic interventions visually reproduce the existing architecture, enhancing the effect of elements and is mirrored between the two locations. The interplay of these audiovisual interventions creates a capsule of otherness, a glitch in the reality of the everyday urban scenery. What is more, KAPSEL / ECHO CHAMBER invigorates familiar spaces as spaces of possibility, as free spaces that invite you to indulge your imagination and let your thoughts run free — beyond the borders of the visible.

Supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2021 project support program for media art.

Shown at Seasons of Media Arts – Connected Future (2021).

Time: 17.09.2021 – 17.10.2021

Location: Antiochia Reisen, Waldstraße 56 und Marc Ephraim, Waldstraße 95

Seasons of Media Arts 2021 – Connected Future

17. September 2021 — 17. October 2021