Seasons of Media Arts 2019 – City of Participative Visions

Seasons of media arts 2019
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Within the framework of Seasons of Media Arts, media art installations distributed throughout the entire urban area will be presented decentrally in the urban space, which address the issue of public access to data and thematize the development of the smart city.

The works present an idea of a city in which technology is not used to collect data about residents, but enables citizen participation and transparency in political decision-making processes. The virtual urban space that is created in the sense defined by Seasons of Media Arts, which is characterized by interaction and knowledge transfer, contributes to the establishment of a digitally connected city in which the digital self-determination of the inhabitants is in the foreground.


Peter Weibel

Project team:
Peter Weibel (Curator) | Lívia Nolasco-Rózsas (Curator) | Blanca Giménez (Co-Curator) | Olga Timurgalieva (Co-Curator) | Jan Gerigk (technical director)


A study for spacecolortime, 2018

Amsterdam SMS, 2007

BED, 2009

Carsharing – Karlsruhe, 2019

Chronography, 2019

Code of Colors, 2019

Content Generator III, 2019

Dark Pool, 2014

Digitality and Responsibility, 2019

Distinction Machine, 2019

Eye of the Dream, 2018

Hello, City!, 2017

Lubricate Coil Engine, 2017

Metric Mysticism, 2018

Mobile Traffic Data Visualization, 2010-2012

Mosaic Virus, 2018

Music Passenger, 2019

Neural Groove, 2016

Neural Synthesis, 2017

Perverse Affordances, 2018

Post-Apocalypse Smart City Desert, 2018-2019

Public Notices, 2018

Self Reflected, 2014-2016

Spacecraft_ZKM, 2018

The Art of Cybersecurity, 2019

The City as Performative Object, 2017-2019

The Global Dérive: The Sum is Greater Than the Parts, 2017

The People’s Monument(s), 2017

Think Privacy, 2016

Transits, 2012

We Need Us, 2014

ZKM one-liner, 2019