The Global Dérive: The Sum is Greater Than the Parts, 2017

© Stanza

The Global Dérive: The Sum is Greater Than the Parts is a piece of software that allows participants to be tracked and visualized, thus becoming part of the artwork. The program allows anywhere between ten and 1,000 or more people to participate together and help co-create an artwork that engages in real time with issues of data ownership and information privacy in the city.

In keeping with Stanza’s own wider artistic concerns and those of the exhibition – to engage with the city as a digitally and physically connected system, and with its relationship to our notions of identity – the data patterns reveal new ways of seeing the world.  

Shown at Seasons of Media Arts – City of Participative Visions (2019).

Time: 08.08.2019 – 15.09.2019

Location: Video art in trams

Seasons of media arts 2019

Seasons of Media Arts 2019 – City of Participative Visions

08. August 2019 — 15. September 2019