Seasons of Media Arts 2020

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Light installations, media projections on building facades and streets, artistic interventions, and experimental events will transform Karlsruhe during the Seasons of Media Arts into a stage for innovative, cooperative, and networked media art.

Since September 11, 2020, a variety of media-based artistic projects has been on show in the urban space of Karlsruhe. These projects, accompanied by special programs designed by various institutions and initiatives in Karlsruhe, invite the public to interact and explore our information- and media technology-based reality.  Here, media are understood literally as expressive tools that open up artistic access to current issues such as the climate crisis or democracy in the age of social media.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, not all of the planned artworks and events curated by ZKM | Karlsruhe and the Kulturamt Karlsruhe and supported by the municipal UNESCO project funding program for media arts could be exhibited during the run of Seasons of Media Arts. These include ACCESS by Marie Sester, Saving Water by PONG.Li Studios, The Silent Chaos of Colors by Eva Judkins and Holger Förterer, and Our City by Marco Zampella and Alexander Liebrich. The presentation of these works and events will be rescheduled for a later date.

Participating artists and contributors:
Aram Bartholl I Michael Bielicky I Jonas Denzel I Holger Förterer I Walter Giers I Mira Hirtz I Eva Judkins I Ulf Langheinrich I Alexander Liebrich I Christian Lölkes I Didi Müller I PONG. Li Studios I Betty Rieckmann I Sabine Schäfer I Ulrich Singer I Marie Sester I Marc Teuscher I Xenorama I Marco Zampella


Peter Weibel und Susanne Asche

Project team at the ZKM:
Peter Weibel (Curator) | Philipp Ziegler ( Curator) | Jessica Menger (Project Coordinator) | Jan Gerigk (Technical Director) | Teresa Retzer (Assistance) | Hanna Jurisch (Assistance)

Project team at the Karlsruhe Department of Cultural Affairs:
Susanne Asche (Management) | Anastasia Ziegler | Mathias Reich | Ulrike Settelmeyer | Diana Haddad

Jury of the UNESCO funding program for media art:
Susanne Asche, Head of the Karlsruhe Department of Cultural Affairs (chair); Michael Bielicky, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG); Anja Casser, director, Baden Art Association; Martin Wacker, director, Karlsruhe Marketing and Event Ltd. (KME); Anastasia Ziegler, executive coordinator, UNESCO City of Media Arts, Karlsruhe Department of Cultural Affairs; Philipp Ziegler, director, Curatorial Department, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe


beambike, 2018-ongoing
7. January 2022

GREEN CODE, 2018-2020
7. January 2022

Korrelation, 2020
7. January 2022

Light Signs, 2020
7. January 2022

Obsolete Presence, 2020
7. January 2022

OSC-K, 2020
7. January 2022

Our City, 2020
7. January 2022

7. January 2022

UrbanExplorAR, 2020-2021
5. January 2022

Vortext, 2020
7. January 2022