UrbanExplorAR, 2020-2021

Lölkes, Christian

Using Christian Lölkes’ augmented reality website UrbanExplorAR you can explore the artworks in this year’s Seasons of Media Arts. Connected Future festival in two different modes of use: With location sharing plus augmented reality inserts, you can experience artworks located in your vicinity. In addition, you can call up information about the artists, the works, locations, and when the artworks are on show. The website utilizes a number of sensors that have been built into most smartphones for several years now. Lölkes has created an interactive and participatory tool that merges digital and physical urban space and invites to discover new facets of the city.

Shown at Seasons of Media Arts (2020) and Seasons of Media Arts – Connected Future (2021).

Time: 17.09.2021 – 17.10.2021

Location: Online via seasons-of-media.arts

Seasons of Media Arts 2021 – Connected Future

17. September 2021 — 17. October 2021

Seasons of Media Arts 2020

11. September 2020 — 31. March 2021