Seriosität – und der hohle Zahn der Zeit

18. December 2021 — 09. January 2022

Grafik: Anja Schneider

The artists Kilian Kretschmer and Benjamin Breitkopf will show the video installation Seriosität – und der hohle Zahn der Zeit in various Karlsruhe shop windows from December 2021 to May 2022. The project, which was funded by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe project support program for media art, will start on the 18th of December 2021 in the shop window of the ßpace project space as the first part of the sequential work.

Attached to a large-format display, the two artists set a specially built mirror grid that recomposes all the content and image layers from information broadcasts and opens up unusual perspectives.

The starting point of the work is the question of how “serious” news media work and their rules. How can these be turned upside down and what new image content can be generated – for example through a multi-perspective image structure? In contrast to the usual reporting of “serious” sources, which want to suggest an impression that is as objective as possible, Kretschmer and Breitkopf are concerned with a subjectification that includes the viewer’s perspective, even making it the core theme.

What role does the position of the viewer play in today’s media consumption? This is the question to be explored in the coming months by approaching the work, distancing oneself from it and repeatedly putting one’s own perspective to the test.

Seriosität – und der hohle Zahn der Zeit is a work by Kilian Kretschmer and Benjamin Breitkopf, realised by ato. From the 19th of December 2021, the various stages of the work can also be followed online at

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Breitkopf, Benjamin
Kretschmer, Kilian


Seriosität, 2021
14. January 2022