Benjamin Breitkopf

Benjamin Breitkopf was born 1986 in Donaueschingen (Germany). He is a filmmaker and media artist. After an apprenticeship at SWR in Baden-Baden, he studied media art at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. He has a natural interest in observing events, capturing contexts and portraying people. He documents everyday scenes and social phenomena around the world, which he exhibits as expansive installations, projections in the cityscape, cinematic works and photographs. In 2017, together with artist Trond Ansten, he won Canon’s “New Cosmos of Photography Award”, which was presented in Tokyo.
Breitkopf lives in Karlsruhe and works all over the world.

Breitkopf is represented by the art agency (
Breitkopf is part of the artist collective Francis Karat.


Seriosität, 2021
14. January 2022