THIRST – PhonoLuxMaschine

14. April 2023 — 31. May 2023

THIRST © Justin Koch

Thirsty trees announce the summer of 2030. The rain carries away messages that could be addressed to us. Children marvel at the sight of the desert. The flowing disappearance goes unheard – and the fire swells unseen.” Justin Koch

The video installation, a contribution by artist Justin Koch to the PhonoLuxMaschine in the foyer of the Kinemathek, deals with the topic of water, an important aspect of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. Water is a precious commodity and determines the continued existence of humanity. Around two billion people worldwide have no regular access to clean water. An inconceivable number. Some 771 million people do not even have a basic supply of drinking water. Droughts are spreading rapidly and leading to food shortages worldwide. The effects of the drought are already clearly noticeable here in Karlsruhe, too.

For the duration of the exhibition from mid-April to mid-May, the Kinemathek team has curated a unique series of films and lectures on the topic of water. Two of these films will already be presented on the opening night. Thus, there will be an opportunity to watch these films before and after the opening of the installation, which begins at 8:30 pm.


19:00 Film screening “The Silent World” (1954).
20:30 Champagne reception, welcome and introduction
20:45 Installation THIRST will be switched on at nightfall
21:15 Film screening “To the Last Drop: Europe’s Secret Water War” (2018).

Runtime: April 14 – May 14 + May 23-31 (during the opening hours of the Kinemathek)

More information here.

THIRST has been supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Project Funding Program for Media Arts 2022.


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Koch, Justin


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