told-hold, 2021

Lee, Taeheon
Chen, Meiyan
told-hold – Taeheon Lee (York), Meiyan Chen (Karlsruhe), ARCOS: Erica Gionfriddo, Eliot Gray Fisher (Austin)

An alternative social media experience to open minds for understanding individual bodies.

Communication is imperfect, and translation between languages complex. And yet, we can still hold each other’s stories in our bodies with care. We can feel our connection with someone else—even someone we don’t know, who may not speak the same languages we do.

In the social game told-hold, artists Taeheon Lee, Meiyan Chen and ARCOS (Erica Gionfriddo and Eliot Gray Fischer) ask: is it possible to truly care for someone we’ve never met? And can we, in turn, trust a stranger to hold our own story?

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Supported by the City to City initiative of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Media Arts Cluster. A project of the UNESCO City of Media Arts cities Karlsruhe, Austin and York.

Shown at the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano, Cali (Colombia), 31.08.2023 – 8.12.2023.