Seriosität – 24/7

10. January 2022 — 23. January 2022

Under the title Seriosität – 24/7, the second part of the sequential work can be seen from 10.12.2021 in the shop window of cc99. The video installation, which was funded by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe project support program for media art, will be shown in various Karlsruhe shop windows between December 2021 and May 2022.

In front of a large-format display, the two artists set a specially built mirror grid, which reassembles all content and image layers from information broadcasts and opens up unusual perspectives. The starting point of the work is the question of how “serious” news media work and their rules. How can these be turned upside down and what new image content is generated – for example through a multi-perspective image structure?

In contrast to the usual reporting of serious sources, which want to suggest the most objective impression, Kretschmer and Breitkopf are concerned with subjectification that includes the viewer’s perspective, even makes it the core theme. With all possible interpretations of the content open, the two artists are not concerned with alternative points of view, but with countless variants within a single origin.

With the kind support of cc99 and the kind permission of Tagesschau24.

For more information, visit

cc99: Kaiserstraße 99, 76133 Karlsruhe


Breitkopf, Benjamin
Kretschmer, Kilian


Seriosität, 2021
14. January 2022