IdiomReplaceX, 2022

Menrad, Nils
Nils Menrad, IdiomReplaceX, 2022

IdiomReplaceX is a literary-performative installation by the media artist Nils Menrad (Karlsruhe), the author and lyrics writer Ann Cotten (Vienna) and the software developer Andreas Kohlbecker (Karlsruhe). IdiomReplaceX consists of a variety of literary filters intended for the transformation of texts. The filters can be used on all online text material. The filters operate in real time on the text, transforming different genres of text into new literary forms. News stories become Dadaist poetry, Wikipedia articles become onomatopoeic linguistic art, poetry becomes cut-up and remixed material for new art, and product descriptions become visual poetry.

Supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2021 project support program for media art.