Ingrid Cuestas

Ingrid Cuestas is an artist, artivist and empirical cook. In 2009 she graduated in Fine Arts with a specialization in Audiovisual Expression from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá (Colombia).

Cuestas works transdisciplinarily in installation, video art and illustration. In 2011, she founded the project “Sol de Noite – Creative Cooking Itinerant Laboratory,” for which she traveled around South America for six years working on the concept of “edible art.” The “Sol de Noite” claims the kitchen as a meeting place, creation laboratory, a nucleus of political action and analog network, validating the culinary as an artistic expression capable of provoking all the senses. Cuestas lives and works in the Brazilian UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy Paraty.


Earth we are and shall return, 2021-2022
29. March 2022