Ignas Krunglevičius

Ignas Krunglevičius (b. 1979) is a composer and visual artist with a BA and an MA in Composition Studies obtained at the Norwegian Music Academy.

Krunglevičius’s creative work is based on researching the interactions of existential realities generated by power, economy, nature, and global technological development, emphasising new technologies and their relation to the mechanisms of the human psyche. Through the use of sound, he alters the human perception of space and its semantics. The artist is also interested in the methods and systems used in society to control individuals and situations.

Ignas Krunglevičius’s works have been exhibited in both solo and group shows at the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (Lithuania), Ursula Blickle Stiftung (Germany), Oslo Kunstforening (Norway), and Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art (Poland), among other art institutions.


Dark Pool, 2014
5. January 2022