Dani Ploeger

Dani Ploeger is an artist and cultural critic who explores situations of conflict and crisis on the fringes of the world of high-tech consumerism. Through a combination of technological objects, video, software applications and performance he emphasizes both the fragility and rawness of materiality in digital culture. In this context, quasi-journalistic journeys often form the starting point for the development of his work. He has been embedded with frontline troops in East-Ukraine, travelled to e-waste dumping sites in Nigeria, stole barbed wire from the Hungarian anti-immigration fence, and interviewed witnesses of US drone attacks in Pakistan about sound and technologies of violence.

His artwork has been shown at transmediale, WRO Biennale, ZKM Karlsruhe, V2_Lab for the unstable media, and many other places.


Post-Apocalypse Smart City Desert, 2018-2019
5. January 2022