The Rule of Algorithms

17. October 2019

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The conference of the Karlsruher Forum deals with artificial intelligence in an interdisciplinary way. Interested guests will learn how algorithms serve people in the cultural sector as tools. Among other things, the event will ask what responsibilities law, science and business bear. 

The »KI« was born in 1956. In the meantime, KI has won backgammon, chess and go tournaments and we do not talk in the car but in the kitchen most often with digital language assistants. In 2018, an artwork created by AI was auctioned at Christie’s for more than 400,000 dollars and AI is the theme of the current Science Year. In many areas, learning systems support our lives, even without us knowing how much power they already have in our everyday lives. It is therefore important to understand how people and algorithms interact with each other and what advantages and disadvantages the mass evaluation of data brings.

What are the consequences of ethical presumptions that are inherent in an algorithm? Algorithms are never neutral. Therefore we are challenged to make them free of prejudice. In addition, human intelligence must question and test the correlating learning systems with classical scientific tools.

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ZKM | Karlsruhe, Media Theater