jubezmediale 2020

17. November 2020 — 19. November 2020

Jubezmediale, that is three days full of artistic and playful workshops in which nearly 1000 students, pedagogues and workshop instructors try out and practice themselves on different media levels, such as Sonic Pi, a music programming language with which you can use sound generation and processing in real time and thus live on stage, e.g. with Algorave.

The Digitale Kunstfabrik organizes Algoraves at regular intervals – these are concerts for algorithmically generated music and live coding, in which the music is created by code live on stage and is granted insight into this process via projections.

Jubezmediale is designed in cooperation with ZKM, Entropia, SWR, SMZ and the Digital Kunstfabrik.




Cultural Center Jubez 
Kronenplatz 1
76133 Karlsruhe