Artificial Empathy – International Conference

25. September 2020 — 27. September 2020

In the context of the international conference on Artificial Empathy and Affective Computing, the ZKM invites to discuss the field of emotion in the machine from the perspective of the arts, the sciences, and computer history in an interdisciplinary way.

With this multi-day international conference ZKM | Karlsruhe is filling a gap in the debate on artificial intelligence. Scholars, artists, researchers and programmers will discuss the field of emotion in the machine from the perspective of the arts, the sciences and computer history. They outline the development towards affective technologies from the cybernetics of the 1960s onwards and update previous definitions of Artificial Emotions against the background of the current AI boom. The conference is dedicated to the memory of Manfred Clynes (1925–2020), the cyberneticist and musician, who coined the term cyborg and opened up new paths for musical research and practice with his book »Sentics« (1977).

Speakers: Andrius Arutiunian, Darius Clynes, Bernd Dudzik, Damian T. Dziwis, Justine Emard, Alicia Heraz, Eva Hudlicka, Laura Ige & Iván Paz, Markus Müller, Ianina Prudenko, Winnie Soon, Anna Tuschling, Peter Weibel, Chris Wood

The conference is accompanied by world premieres and installations by: Andrius Arutiunian, Damian T. Dziwis, Laura Ige, Bernd Lintermann & Florian Hertweck, Quadrature, Winnie Soon & Helen Pritchard, Chris Wood, Chris Ziegler

Please note: The Conference will take place in English.




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