© Kat Closon, KIKK in Town Edge of Chaos by Vasiljia Abramovic, Ruari Glynn and Bas Overvelde

Namur remains a City of Culture with exceptional historical and architectural heritage with the Citadel site, and major festivals as International Francophone Film Festival of Namur, International Street Arts Festival Namur en Mai and KIKK Festival of Digital and Creative Cultures, which are now worldwide references. For 10 years, Namur developed an action plan to use digital cultures, citizen action, sustainability and creativity as levers for cultural, social, educational, and entrepreneurial development. In 2014, it ran the ERDF Namur Innovative City Lab project which allowed to get a budget of €26.6m for the setting up of a program for digital and sustainable transformation of its territory based on the creativity of its citizens, artists, and entrepreneurs.