Festival Tanz Karlsruhe, Kulturzentrum Tempel

The annual festival TANZ KARLSRUHE, organized by Kulturverein Tempel e.V. and  Tanztribüne, has been a national highlight for over 20 years, even staging many international productions.

TANZ KARLSRUHE stands out for its cooperation with various cultural institutions such as Tollhaus, ZKM, Kinemathek, Badisches Staatstheater and Kulturzentrum Tempel. The cooperation with ZKM in particular enables productions in which dance and media arts merge in a variety of ways. By exploring the interfaces between dance performance and audiovisual installations, multi-media productions lead to scenographic border crossings. Bodies and digital universes fuse again and again to form novel worlds of images. Dance productions developed by and with media artists are an integral part of TANZ KARLSRUHE. Examples are productions by Motionhouse, Alexander Whitley or Hiroaki Umeda. 

Kulturzentrum Tempel also organizes its own formats that promote performative mixed-media installations. As part of its Off_Track series of events, artists from the fields of performance, visual and sound art, for example, come together in the center’s Scenario Halle to generate interfaces between their artistic interests and combine them into an interactive carpet of sound and images. Tanztribüne’s own productions, too, are oriented towards the media arts.


Festival Tanz Karlsruhe, Kulturzentrum Tempel
Hardtstraße 37A
76185 Karlsruhe

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