Romance With Open Ending, 2021

Möller, Kerstin
Sobel, Karolina
Ittel, Mara
Mara Ittel, Romance with open ending, 2021

This web series is about a throuple romance between the three characters, Cockatoo, Raven and Pegasus. Short episodes show the development of their relationship and the ups and downs of being together. The first episode was created at the beginning of the pandemic. The series was created with videos and images from Zepeto avatars and edited together in TikTok using editing presets and various filters. Through stickers, songs, and an voice over, the series draws on the trends, codes, and styles of queer online communities. The background images are nature and landscape photographs or screenshots from the artist’s personal photo archive and thus form an inconspicuous and unobtrusive biographical element.

The series also reflects the yearning for love and closeness which can somehow be created artificially and virtually in social media, while at the same time the search for community as a queer person in the “real” world, especially in times of a pandemic, where most LGBTQIA+ bars had to close their doors, has become particularly difficult.

Shown at Embrace. Embrace was supported by the UNESCO City of Media Arts Karlsruhe 2021 project support program for media art.