Anna-Lina Helsen

Anna-Lina Helsen is a multimedia creator and visual narrator based in Karlsruhe. She works with concepts that typically reflect specific interests, events, or societal questions, transporting them into works using real-time data, field recordings, sound art, sensors, Arduinos and much more.

In this visual storytelling, Anna-Lina often combines interactive and spatial elements, using multiple senses at once, designing experiences, telling stories through (sometimes moving) images and sound. Abstract in their ways, the viewer can experience new stories as well as familiar and subconsciously stored experiences and associations in a new way.

The artist has already exhibited works at, among others, Architecture Biennale in Venice 2021 as part of a group exhibition and at the Lichtsicht Triennale 2020 in Bad Rothenfelde.


The Operator, 2023
20. February 2023

Sonos Mineralis, 2023
3. July 2023