08. February 2023 — 04. June 2023

©, photo Felix Grünschloß
Wandering Chord ©, Foto: Felix Grünschloß

The project aims to encourage and enable museum visitors to engage critically with artificial intelligence (AI). The goal is to question current developments and explore the potential of using AI in museums. To what extent does AI allow us to reduce barriers in the exhibition space and make the museum experience more inclusive?

In the exhibition works and presentations that can be experienced interactively open up new perspectives for exhibition visitors and become a catalyst for a reflective approach to AI. AI technologies are already present in many areas of our daily lives: voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa, recommendation systems in online stores, autonomous vehicles, AI-based translation tools or intelligent personal assistants. Artists particular raise questions about the future impact of this rapidly evolving technology, explore its potential consequences, and encourage critical thinking about its ethical and societal implications. 

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