09. November 2023 — 11. November 2023

Music beyond the mainstream and familiar listening traditions, PANTOPIA MUSIC invites you to engage in unusual musical experiences from different cultural backgrounds. Not only on the online platform, but also as live performances at the Badisches Staatstheater.

In cooperation with international artists, ethnomusicologists and composers, a collection of international albums beyond commercial streaming platforms was created that challenges listening habits. From November 9, the digital collection, which has been available for about a year, will be presented at the Badisches Staatstheater. Particular attention in the selection was paid to artistic and technical, intellectual and spiritual sophistication, transmediality and transtraditionality, among other things.

Musical contributions from India, Haiti, Argentina, Turkey and numerous other countries can be experienced either online at home, in the FOYER at the listening station, in innovative performances as well as in the form of video game essays or mixed reality installations.

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Naadisches STaatstheater Karlsruhe

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe
Hermann-Levi-Platz 1
76137 Karlsruhe