Opening: Mack at ZKM

16. September 2023 — 07. April 2024

Heinz Mack, Karawane (Caravan), 1976, Foto: Thomas Höpker © Heinz Mack Archive / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2023

As part of the new exhibition, the atria 8+9 of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media will be turned into showcases for radiant light installations, starting from 16 September 2023, with light-reflecting steles, sparkling rotors, golden and silver radiating cubes, and virtual volumes created by electrical impulses, making the space glisten.

In the exhibition Mack at ZKM, visitors can discover the lesser-known artworks by Heinz Mack, originating from all creative phases of the light artist’s œuvre. On display are installations, some of which are rare or have been lost, which are now reconstructed and restaged at the ZKM, presenting the artist’s artworks in all its facets. One of these installations, Licht-Choreographie, to be experienced for the first time in this form, creates a multi-sensory experience that stimulates oscillation of the light and the surrounding space.

In addition to Heinz Mack’s light artworks, visitors can also admire examples from the field of Land Art. For the museum version of the Sahara-Projekt, parts of atrium 9 are transformed into a miniature desert, making the artist’s experiences of perceiving light phenomena in the desert directly accessible to everyone in the museum.

The exhibition points at the problems of the 21st century, as it deals with issues of the environment and the Anthropocene, which the artist addresses in his work. Like this, visitors have the opportunity to reflect on the relevance of resource scarcity and man-made climate change, as the artworks on display reciprocally change the viewer’s perception.

Opening on September 15, 6 p.m. in the foyer of the ZKM.
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