Michael Bielicky Perpetuum mobile

13. October 2019 — 08. March 2020

© Michael Bielicky

In his work, the Czech-German media artist Michael Bielicky (born in 1954) creates idiosyncratic hybrids that belong simultaneously to both a digital and an analogue world. Technological innovation enters into dialogue with the depths of media history.

Bielicky’s works cast a critically ironic gaze upon our medial present, interrogating its influence on our perceptions and actions. The data-driven narratives – three-dimensional works of Internet art that Bielicky develops in collaboration with the artist Kamila B. Richter – make new narrative mechanisms in the media age palpable through a pictographic language.

The ZKM is dedicating an extensive retrospective to innovative and wide-ranging works that span almost forty years, encompassing photography, video art and net-based installations; in preparation for the exhibition, the artist, who teaches at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, has worked through his media archives together with the ZKM.


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