10. June 2021

Congress for Creative Companies

The KreativStart Congress 2021 is about the future of work, start-ups in the spirit of sustainability, social entrepreneurs, self-made miracles, creative founders, artificial and artistic intelligence, developing brand names, social media, price negotiations and new work spaces, and everything that is important to successfully launch your own business ideas on the market.

The event organised by the K³ Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro is again supported this year by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing. Due to the current situation, the congress on 10 June will be held without an audience. However, in order to ensure good image and sound quality, the lectures will be streamed live from the Tollhaus. With its specific focus on the creative sector, the congress in Karlsruhe, which is UNESCO City of Media Arts since 2019, is unique in this form in southern Germany.

Participants can expect exciting speakers such as Sina Trinkwalder (founder and social entrepreneur), Manfred Gotta (“guru” among German copywriters), RAPHAEL GIELGEN (Vitra trend scout “Future of Work”) and many more!

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