© ZKM Center for Art and Media, Photo ARTIS – Uli Deck

In 2019, the UNESCO designated Karlsruhe a City of Media Arts, the first and so far only city in Germany with this title. Since then it is part of the worldwide network of 295 cities that through creativity, innovation, and networking play a groundbreaking role in the design and building of sustainable, future-oriented urban societies.

As an internationally networked City of Media Arts, Karlsruhe actively promotes the art and creative scene in the field of media art, supports international and interdisciplinary exchanges, and facilitates and enables contemporary digital, interactive, and virtual media art in public spaces.

In addition to the world-renowned ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, unique events such as the annual “SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE” at Karlsruhe Palace or the urban art festival “Seasons of Media Arts” delight and fascinate audiences in this city of universal media art.