Selbstbestimmt.Digital e.V.

Selbstbestimmt.Digital (S.D), founded in 2015 in Freiburg (Brsg.), is a non-profit association. It is active in both Baden-Württemberg and Berlin to promote the digital democratic freedoms of all citizens. The organization’s mission is digital empowerment: understanding and experiencing digitization and providing critical input to help shape digital media. It organizes public campaigns and events on cryptography and Open Source alternatives, artistic performances as well as film sessions at and in partnership with centers for art, media and politics. Part of its work  is exerting political influence.

S.D wants to promote discussions on the forms of digitization our society needs in both private lives and in business and, additionally, what implications we need to consider—from state surveillance to the market power of major Internet companies. The association sees itself as a stakeholder and as a forum that brings together experts, groups, topics and different types of events and campaigns from politics and media art, harnessing synergies and itself learning through a self-critical approach.


Selbstbestimmt.Digital e.V.
Postfach 190227
79061 Freiburg

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