Karlsruher Fächer GmbH (KFG)

Karlsruher Fächer GmbH (KFG) and Karlsruher Fächer GmbH & Co. Stadtentwicklungs-KG (KFE) are two “subsidiaries” of the City of Karlsruhe. Their business purpose includes urban development projects and the management of commercial real estate.

Together, they develop, build, modernize and operate commercial properties that are either in spatial proximity to buildings and facilities of the City of Karlsruhe or whose mandate is somehow related to the city’s urban development measures. The properties include public institutions and facilities, administrative buildings, shops, cafés and restaurants, parking garages and, of course, spaces for art, culture and the creative industries.

The companies also participate in reflections on possible future development projects and major urban development measures, such as the conversion of the old slaughterhouse in Karlsruhe into a compound for cultural and creative industries: Alter Schlachthof.


Karlsruher Fächer GmbH (KFG)
Zähringerstraße 72
76133 Karlsruhe

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