Freifunk is a grassroots movement operating throughout Germany that considers free and equitably accessible network to be the cornerstone of society. Its members do not pursue any commercial interest and contribute to the network on a volunteer basis. The vision behind Freifunk is the distribution of free networks, the democratization of communication media and the promotion of local social structures.

The local Freifunk Karlsruhe branch now provides over 450 open access points that are used daily by over 45,000 different users. In addition to these permanently installed access points, Freifunk Karlsruhe also helps to network the occasional event and project. Among the events supported are the hacker conference Goulash Programmers Night and a set of interactive light installations that are kept connected to the internet even from remote locations.


Im gesamten Stadtraum und über die Grenzen Karlsruhes hinaus.

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