Dr. Eberhard Fischer, Head of External Relations and Strategic Marketing Department, City of Karlsruhe

The External Relations and Strategic Marketing Department (which goes by the acronym SAM) of Karlsruhe’s municipal council is the city’s international link with the region, Stuttgart, Berlin and Brussels, as well as worldwide.

Its objective is to establish Karlsruhe’s position in the face of international competition. SAM’s responsibilities include managing the strategic focus of external relations; coordinating regional, cross-border and European cooperation and municipal development partnerships; and expanding and maintaining a European and global network.

SAM moreover acts as a central point of contact within Konzern Stadt—the city as an enterprise—in matters concerning European funding and funding policies. The department also manages the Main Line for Europe project (a high-speed rail link between Paris and Budapest). Since 2018, SAM has been responsible for the development of Karlsruhe as a brand.