Badischer Kunstverein

Badischer Kunstverein (Baden Art Association) was founded in 1818 and is one of the oldest art associations in Germany. In 2012, the wide-ranging exhibition programme was awarded the ADKV-ART COLOGNE Prize for Art Associations. The open structure of the art association offers an ideal platform for a discursive and risk-taking approach to contemporary art. The exhibitions at Badischer Kunstverein are dedicated to artistic positions that do not insist on the idea of art as a self-referential system, but rather proactively question current social and cultural processes in the sense of an extended definition of art. Topics such as identity, solidarity, the critical handling of conventional roles and gender relations, authorship or the various approaches of feminist theory are reflected in the programme and mark a common space of interest from both an artistic and curatorial point of view. Badischer Kunstverein also repeatedly presents works from the 1960s to the 1980s, which were often forgotten, but are still decisive for an understanding of contemporary art production.


Badischer Kunstverein
Waldstraße 3
76133 Karlsruhe

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